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About the Practitioner

Cindi Nagato, LMT, Reiki Practitioner
License #MA60199204

I am a licensed massage therapist in Washington State & Reiki Practitioner. Nationally Board Certified  and member of ABMP Associate Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

I made the decision to pursue massage therapy as a career path after spending many years in retail, restaurants and travel, while all of these careers were fun and constantly changing, I knew there must be something else, I wanted to be of service to others in a healing environment, one that gave me the opportunity to help those in need of care, nurturing and support.

After a series of life changing events over a few years I knew my career path was not satifying my soul; so I set out on the journey to find what resonated with me. I found The Reiki Training Progam, after having a few sessions and taking some classes, I knew I wanted to pursue this fascinating modality. Because of my experience with Reiki healing; I strongly believe in the power of universal energy and I am now pursuing the path of the Reiki Master Certification.

After losing both my parents to cancer I knew I wanted to do more to promote healing and decided that massage would be a great compliment to Reiki and offer another avenue for healing. Since graduating from massage school I have taken  several continuing education classes that enable me to bring a variety of techinques to the table.

I invite you to join me on this journey to bring body & mind in harmony.

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